Alexandra Gates

The Alexandra Gates Renovation is a neighbourhood project (supported by LPRO)  to restore the gates at the entrance to Alexandra Blvd at Yonge Street. The pillars and railings of the gates have been a historical landmark of what is now known as Lytton Park since the earliest days of its development.

Original Gates
Crumbling of poorly rebuilt pillar

Unfortunately the original gates were taken down and replaced in the 1990’s, using inferior materials and shoddy workmanship. Within two decades these cheap replacements were crumbling and became both a safety concern and an eyesore. Luckily the caps of the original pillars were preserved and, in spite of the loss of the bricks and iron, they continue to be an important symbol of our heritage and to contribute to the unique character of the Lytton Park neighbourhood.

In 2017 LPRO and a group of concerned residents approached the City to inquire about restoring the pillars and ironwork and the original capstones. This initiative was put on hold in late spring of 2018 when LPRO became aware of the sale of the Trull Funeral Home and of the new owner’s plans to demolish the building and rebuild on the site.   As demolition required the removal of pillars located on the south side of the street, restoration plans were put on hold. 

LPRO has negotiated a commitment from the owner-developer and the City to restore the pillars and gates as part of the redevelopment of the site. This arrangement is great news for the ongoing efforts to preserve the character and the heritage of our neighbourhood.

In January 2020 the pillars were dismantled in advance of the demolition work, and the capstones and railings were placed in safe storage. Once the majority of the development is built they will be restored to the site. For details regarding the developer’s current plans for the Trull Funeral Home site, please click here to see writeup in Development section.