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The Box Tree Moth is an invasive insect that has appeared this spring on boxwood hedges in Lytton Park. Hatched larvae feed on the boxwood, ravaging the leaves and causing defoliation and dieback. They can be a significant pest if left unmanaged.

Larvae are light green in colour with characteristic black stripes, white dots and a shiny black head. Treat active larval stages with registered insecticides. 3-5 days after application, check to ensure that all the larvae have been killed. Re-treat if necessary. Continue to monitor plants for signs of active larval stages, especially during the following periods: May 30-June 15, July 15-August 10, September 1-15.  If you see this invasive pest, you should report it to:

Coyotes continue to appear in our neighbourhood, including a sighting at Lytton Park and the Sunken Garden in early August! They pose a threat to dogs, cats, children and even adults. They can jump fences, and can attack small animals and humans. Keep your distance.

Scams and Neighbourhood Crime

Recently there has been a spate of Porch Piracy in the LPRO neighbourhood. Two such incidents occurred on the same day at homes on Craighurst and on Lytton. In one case a sealed delivery box was broker into. Video footage from both locations indicates that the same person committed both thefts. Police are investigating.

Residents might want to consider having purchases delivered to a business address or authorized pick-up hub, rather than to their home.

Remember: if you see a suspected thief, please do not approach. Call 911 instead.

Bike Thefts are not new to Lytton Park but they seem to be on the rise, probably due in part to the high demand for bikes since the pandemic began. Reports include thieves entering through a gate to steal bikes from a garage or shed located at the end of a driveway or in a backyard. Residents should consider locking their garages and sheds, and possibly securing their bikes even when they are inside a locked garage or shed.

Toronto residents can register their bikes with Toronto Police Service (TPS). When a stolen bike is recovered TPS checks the registry.

For additional tips on protecting your bike, see Bike Thefts On The Rise

Community Events & Activities

North Toronto Lawn Bowling and Croquet Club

A great place to play croquet! North Toronto Lawn Bowling and Croquet Club (NTCC) is a non-profit, volunteer-run club that has been in continuous operation since 1912! NTCC has everything you need to try out a new sport. ​Croquet is one of sports’ best-kept secrets, a great physical, social and outdoor (Covid-safe) activity you can play at any age. It’s easy and fun, or skillful and demanding, all in the same game.

If you are interested in finding about more about the Club, and arranging to come and try croquet, see our website for details We are located beside the North Toronto Tennis Club on Lytton Blvd.

Lost and Found

Construction Notices

Construction Notices

Some residents have received a notice for Watermain Replacement on St. Clements between Duplex and Avenue Rd. If you did not receive the notice, a copy can be found here [Add link]

Volunteers and Donations Wanted

Volunteers and Donations Wanted

The Roehampton Shelter is looking for donations for its clients. If you have any clothing or used electronics to donate please email the Shelter Administrator [Add link]

Scams and Neighborhood Crime

Scams and Neighborhood Crime

  • Porch Pirate thefts are on the rise. So far this month 5 have been reported by LPRO residents.
  • Residents have been receiving letters informing them that their driveway exceeds the legal limit for width. They are asked to pay a $500 fine in Bitcoin. THIS IS A SCAM.

For more information re: crime within our boundary, click here [Add link]

Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Please help Arlena find her sister Judi. Last seen on Chudleigh just west of Duplex. If found, please email

Community Events

Community Events

North Toronto Memorial Community Centre is hosting its annual fun fair on February 29, 2021. For more information, go to their website:

Volunteers/ Donations Wanted