SCOKE is a unique neighbourhood located in the northwest corner of LPRO’s catchment area. It is a charming collection of just over 200 Homes on Saguenay, Caribou, Otter, Kimbark, Glen Willow and Edgecombe.

This neighbourhood features many mature trees, lush landscapes and a small ravine with a creek running through it. Newcomers to the area can’t help but feel that they have taken a surprise turn out of the city and into the country, with its winding curb free roads filled with rustic charm and picturesque, one-of-a-kind character homes. The residents who live here form a tight knit community, who look out for and protect one another and consider themselves fortunate to belong to such a caring and warm community.

SCOKE’s Community Page will feature news of particular interest and relevance to the SCOKE area.  Residents who wish to post items of interest to our community in the categories below (or other) should send the information to Elise Hertz – Please note that only non-commercial items will be posted on this page: no goods or services for sale or purchase.

Suggestions for new categories or other improvements to the page are also welcome!


BOUNDARY REVIEW APPROVED! The TDSB boundary review for SCOKE Residents for Glenview Sr. P.S. and Lawrence Park Collegiate was approved by the Trustees at the TDSB Board Meeting on Wednesday May 26, 2021. All of Kimbark, Otter, Edgecombe and Glen Willow, Caribou #2-77, and Saguenay #45-55 (odd) are now in the catchment area for Glenview Sr. Public and Lawrence Park Collegiate.  A letter will be sent out to residents. For more information, go to the TDSB website and enter your address: Toronto District School Board > Find your… > School > By Address (


Watermain Replacement on Saguenay, Shelborne, Glen Rush and Coldstream. Construction to take place from April 1 to August 19, 2021. For more information, please see this notice from the City: Watermain Replacement on Shelborne, Saguenay, Glen Rush, Coldsteam

And just north of our area on Bathurst Street from Ranee Avenue to Lawrence Avenue West the City plans to replace the watermain and the City-owned portion of substandard water services. Work will take place July 2021-July 2022: Bathurst Construction Notice

Lost and Found

AUGUST 22, 2021


A SCOKE resident has reported that their 10 month old cat, Yumosh, has come home.

Neighbourhood Events

Neighbourhood Fireworks

Every year on the May long weekend, there is a fireworks display on Kimbark Blvd. between Caribou and Otter. Neighbours contribute with money (which is put towards buying fireworks) or fireworks as well as snacks for the kids. Everyone is welcome! Unfortunately this year – 2021 – the event is cancelled due to Covid.

Scams and Neighbourhood Crime

We have had a number of Porch Pirate thefts in the SCOKE area and vicinity. If you have video footage that might assist in catching the perpetrators it can be submitted to Toronto Police.

Residents have been receiving letters regarding illegal driveway widening. They are asking for a fine of $500 in Bitcoin. This is a scam.


The Box Tree Moth is an invasive insect that has appeared this spring on boxwood hedges in Lytton Park. Hatched larvae feed on the boxwood, ravaging the leaves and causing defoliation and dieback. They can be a significant pest if left unmanaged.

Larvae are light green in colour with characteristic black stripes, white dots and a shiny black head. Treat active larval stages with registered insecticides. 3-5 days after application, check to ensure that all the larvae have been killed. Re-treat if necessary. Continue to monitor plants for signs of active larval stages, especially during the following periods: May 30-June 15, July 15-August 10, September 1-15.  If you see this invasive pest, you should report it to:

Coyotes continue to appear in our neighbourhood. They pose a threat to dogs, cats and even small children. They can jump fences, and can attack small animals and humans. Keep your distance!

Volunteers / Donations Wanted

Check back for posts on volunteers wanted or donation requests.