41 Chatsworth dr.


This is the site of the former church on the south side of Chatsworth Dr. between Yonge and Duplex. An application was submitted by Parkset Developments Inc. in 2013 for a 6-7 storey building. The City as well as the community through Developing Areas Responsibly in Toronto (DART) opposed this application. In 2016 the former Ontario Municipal Board rejected the proposal.

In 2017 a new proposal was submitted for a 4-5 storey building by 41 Chatsworth GP Inc. The building would be 17.2m tall in addition to a mechanical level. Due to the grading of the site, 5 storeys at a height of 18.8m would be fully above grade facing Duplex Parkette. The height of the main roof measured from the average grade along Chatsworth has been reduced from 22m to 17.2m compared to the previous proposal. The gross floor area and density have been reduced by 35%.

A preliminary report for the current proposal was considered by North York Community Council on February 1, 2018. This report identified issues to be addressed and resulted in the scheduling of a community meeting. No decisions have been made with regard to approval or refusal of the proposal.

Proposal viewed from Chatsworth Dr. (North)


The Developer has appealed the application to LPAT. In July 2020, LPRO requested Party Status in the appeal to allow us to fully engage in the process. At a Case Management Conference held on October 6, 2020 LPRO and DART were granted Party status and all parties agreed to take part in mediation. If the mediation fails the case will go to an LPAT hearing.

The building as proposed is not appropriate for a side street in the interior of the neighbourhood and does not conform with the City’s planning policies. Our concerns are: the proposal’s height, the proposal’s appearance from Chatsworth relative to its surroundings as well as the proximity to the adjacent ravine land and park at the rear.


The proposal was revised in March 2020. It now includes an on-site parkland dedication of 568 square metres which would expand Duplex Parkette. The number of units was tweaked from 51 to 49. The height of the proposal remains unchanged at 17.2m.
Proposal viewed from Duplex Parkette (South)