500 Duplex, known as the Parkview Residences, occupies an entire block on the west side of Duplex Avenue extending south from Roselawn Avenue to Montgomery Avenue. It has significant frontage on both Roselawn and Montgomery. The site is 2.5 acres in size and is currently occupied by a single 34-storey apartment tower. LPRO was involved with the original development in 1971, negotiating a settlement which resulted in the bylaw that governs what can be built on the site. In 2020 the property was listed for sale as an opportunity for redevelopment or additional density.

500 Duplex, east frontage
South-East corner


On July 7, 2021 the City received a zoning bylaw amendment application for 500 Duplex. The application proposes removing the existing townhomes, surface parking area, tennis court and swimming pool to accommodate two additional tall buildings on the site which would be attached to the existing tower and have heights of 15 and 11 storeys respectively. 


The building heights as presented in the application exclude a mezzanine level on each building, making the true heights 16 and 12 floors. The taller building, referred to as building A, would be located at the corner of Duplex and Montgomery and the shorter building, referred to as Building B, would be located at the corner of Duplex and Roselawn.

While Building B incorporates several step-backs facing Roselawn, Building A includes relatively few step-backs facing Montgomery Avenue, providing very little transition to houses on the opposite side of the street.

The proposal also includes a small public park on Montgomery Avenue, occupying 9% of the site and measuring 917m2 (9,874 ft2). The Toronto Parkland Bylaw requires an onsite parkland dedication of 15%.

319 rental units will be retained onsite within the existing apartment building. The two additional buildings will have a total of 621 units. The site will accommodate a total of 940 units, an increase of 185% over the 330 units which are currently located on the site. The number of parking spaces would be increased from 310 to 560, with a new driveway on Roselawn Avenue in addition to the existing driveway on Montgomery Avenue.

Issues to be addressed include the size of the parkland dedication, transition to adjacent low-rise areas, separation distances of the new buildings from the existing tower and the bulkiness of the new buildings. LPRO will be working closely with the Eglinton Park Residents’ Association (EPRA), who represent the area south of Roselawn where the property is located